Artificial Intelligence - An Overview

Ai: It's applications and implications

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be thought of as computers and machines which are programmed to enable these devices to perform particular tasks quicker and more effectively. The development of artificial intelligence has been encouraged by our need to perform predictions more accurately. For example, in the manufacturing sector, companies have leveraged artificial intelligence to increase production and distribution by implementing smart systems in their factories. Artificial intelligence has also been used to improve our lifestyle. There are currently hundreds of mobile devices and home appliances for which newer models that function better have been developed.

Currently, the statistics and analytical reports indicate that we have only touched a small part of the artificial intelligence concept and there is a lot more to be discovered in this field of data science.

"(AI)It is a renaissance, it is a golden age,"

Jeff Bezos


There have been some outstanding breakthroughs in many areas such as healthcare and the finance sector due to artificial intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence to develop robots that can act in the capacity of humans thus taking over the jobs have come up as an issue. Privacy issues from images recognition systems have also been brought up. While the debates are on-going, ethical agencies and other interested institutions have made strong attempts to call for checks and control measures that can reduce the negative impact of artificial intelligence in our societies.


The growing need for smarter healthcare systems to carry out medical diagnosis and the demand for artificial intelligence in other areas for improvement and the safety of people have encouraged a wide application of smarter technology and machines. Artificial intelligence has been significantly applied in the following ways:

Data Science

The use of artificial intelligence has caused a significant breakthrough in the field of data science. Areas such as data management, storage, intelligent systems that can handle global services such as Amazon and the creation of faster computers are among the notable improvements in this field due to artificial intelligence.


It is now possible to carry out extensive electronic trading activities with the use of artificial intelligence based systems. The trading platforms have become smarter and more secure for traders. Other areas such as portfolio management, access to manage financial operations remotely and better customer experience are some of the benefits of AI in the finance sector.


Artificial intelligence has been used to develop smarter aircraft that have features aimed at improving safety and consumer experience.


There has been a significant improvement in medical diagnosis and healthcare provision with the use of artificial intelligence. People who lost their hands or legs now have a chance of living normal lives again with the use of robotic limbs developed with AI. Other operations such as surgeries and dispensing drugs have also witnessed significant improvement.

Human Resources operations

The human resources departments can heave a sigh of relief because of artificial intelligence. These departments deal with huge volumes of data during recruitment. These data can now be easily sorted to identify the most suitable candidates for the job.

In short

We expect more developments in AI. Let’s use this wonderful technology should be used to improve our lives and our societies.